No-Confidence Motion Carried. Lawmakers on Both Sides Should Respect the Process and Look to Guyana’s Future.

The recent tabling and success of a motion of no-confidence against the government took everyone by surprise. However, the underlying factors that led to the no-confidence motion are hardly surprising. Poor economic and budget policies have hurt families across the country and slowed the economy. For politicians on both sides, this should be a moment for pause and reflection. A moment for politicians to rethink their purpose, policies, and plans for a better Guyana and take them to the electorate.

Suicide is a Society-Wide Problem That Needs a Society-Wide Solution: Social Organizations Can Do More

One of the biggest public health and social issues facing Guyanese is the rate of suicide deaths which remains one of the highest in the world. The problem affects all races and ethnicity, however, it is more rampant in communities with a large Indian population. Several economic and social factors are linked to suicide and these are likely to worsen with the current economic slowdown. Religious organizations, charities, and other institutions can take a more active role in providing people with necessary skills, information, and knowledge to overcome suicidal ideation.